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My mom loves telling the stories of how I used to draw all over the walls when I was a kid.  And when she got me away from the walls, I would find a way to draw all over my legs.  Eventually, I started drawing on paper.  I also played a lot outside in the marshes in Virginia Beach.  I started drawing all the fish in the Chesapeake Bay, turtles, snakes, and various critters that crawled in our backyard.  Virginia Beach wildlife continues to be where I draw my inspiration

I started doing drawings for friends and family in high school and college.  During college, I decided to pursue being an exhibiting artist in shows around the area.  I've been in shows for a couple years now and have enjoyed sharing my creations with you!


I primarily use Prisma's Premier colored pencils and Caran 'd Ache Luminance pencils.  I also use Derwent's Chromoflow, and Faber Castell's Polychromos pencils.

For some drawings, I use spray paint for the backgrounds but for most, I used colored pencils entirely throughout.  

I mount the drawings onto a primed wood panel and do several layers of acrylic and/or resin.  This protects the drawings, so no framing is required!

IMG_1192 (2).jpg

Where and When

Majority of the shows I sell at are in Southeast Virginia (Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News), or Northern Virginia (Arlington, Alexandria).  You can see my upcoming shows on the Home page.

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